News from 2020


March 2020:


We regret to announce that our Music Director,  Michael Bonshor, has left the Chorale.


Spring/Summer 2020:

After an extended break from singing due to the onset of Covid-19, the Chorale went online. It was a bit of a challenge for some of us; mastering Zoom and ensuring that we were muted, looking our best and singing the correct notes at the correct time in solitary splendour wasn't always easy! The sessions didn't quite have the same thrill as singing to a live audience and we all missed our usual season of summer concerts, along with the lovely social atmosphere that often occurs on warm summer's evenings as we mingle outside during the intervals ( strawberries and cream in hand if we are really lucky!)


We are extremely grateful to Chris Hill who stood in as our MD for a few short weeks and was busy preparing us with a great programme for our end of term 'gigs'. He then conducted our Zoom sessions and we finished these with a 'Warble for Wimbledon', tennis gear and alcoholic beverages to hand.   


June 2020

End of term Zoom session with 25 chorale members.



July 2020

New look Committee meeting July 2020 Covid safe!!



September 2020:


Ratcliffe Chorale are very pleased to welcome their new Musical Director, Dr Georgie Lorimer.

It is not any easy time for her to be taking on a new choir, thanks to Covid restrictions, but we are looking forward to tackling the challenges of on-line rehearsals together.


Autumn 2020:

We are pleased to be starting a term of Zoom rehearsals under the guidance of our new Musical Director, Dr Georgie Lorimer.  Although a relative newcomer to the wonders of online sessions, Georgie has impressed us with her willingness to tackle the vagaries of Zoom and we are very happy to be learning some new pieces, alongside old favourites and, of course, Christmas carols.


“ In spite of the many difficulties posed by this current situation, it was wonderful to be met by such a large number of singers on the fifth of October for my first session with the Ratcliffe Chorale. After a brief vocal warm-up, and a quick battle with the Zoom video settings, we together worked through pieces by Chilcott and Campion, both of which will hopefully appear in our first concert of 2021. Whilst at present we may not be able to meet face-to-face as a choir, it is wonderful to be able to still come together as a group and prepare for our future concerts. I very much look forward to meeting further members of the Chorale over the coming weeks, particularly as we move into November and begin to prepare for our online Christmas Concert. ”


The Chorale are very happy to be learning some new pieces, alongside old favourites.

Sadly, but understandably, all of our Xmas concerts have been cancelled so our aim now is to be ready for some  performances in the summer months of 2021.


November 2020:

Zoom sessions resumed after half term with Christmas music being the focus with a growing number of members embracing the technology with the more experienced members assisting people to get online.   Zoom has proved to be a successful tool in keeping the choir members together and as a point of contact for the committee during the ongoing pandemic 


December 2020:

Zoom sessions continue to keep the choir members together on Monday evenings when we enjoy singing some old favourites but also tackling some new pieces. The Committee have also become quite expert Zoom users during the ongoing pandemic.  The result of all this was a most enjoyable Christmas Sing- a -Long featuring familiar pieces and a few more challenging carols.  We were all impressed by our guest soloists; home-grown but hitherto hidden talents which ranged from a lovely clarinet spot through piano pieces, an apt and very funny reading and a stunning slide show.  A good time was had by all and the wine, champagne and several shorts, sprinkled with singing and laughter, enhanced the evening  after what has been a challenging year for everyone. (Some pictures of the event can be seen on the members page)



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